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The region of Lafões, where we are inserted, is also known for its richness and gastronomic variety that is distinguished not only by the quality of the products of our land and the work of the local producers, but also by the mastery of the seasonings of those who know how “.


During your visit to the Spa of São Pedro do Sul, we suggest you try some of the local specialties, such as the famous (and tasty) Vitela and Cabrito à Lafões, Rojões in the style of S. Pedro, Cod with Broa and Sausages.


As for sweets, it is worth trying the Vouguinhas, the Caçoilinhos, the Southern Loaf of Bread, Folar and the Pindelinhos. All this, well accompanied by the nectar of the region, the “Wine of Lafões”.


You can sample these and other regional dishes at the local restaurants.



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Know all of our products


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