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The thermal water of S. Pedro do Sul has been used for its therapeutic and well-being properties for over 2000 years. In 2014, after proving its excellent skin properties (moisturizing and anti-irritant as well as softening and refreshing), it gave rise to the brand AQVA – Termas de S. Pedro do Sul Dermocosmetics, an innovative 100% national brand consisting of products with a high percentage of thermal water in its composition.

With different product lines, they are all formulated by health professionals, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and proven efficacy.

Line + hydration

• Thermal water vaporizer (200 mL)
• moisturizing face cream
• moisturizing face fluid
• nourishing and moisturizing body cream
• moisturizing wash base
• moisturizing and emollient body oil
• cleaning soap

Line anti-aging line

• moisturizing and firming face mask


Portugal is one of Europe’s richest countries in thermal waters, which are a natural resource that has been used since ancient times in the therapy, rehabilitation and prevention of various diseases, but also in promoting well-being.
S. Pedro do Sul thermal water has a physicochemical composition similar to many thermal waters that are used in the treatment of skin diseases and in the field of Cosmetics.

After repeated applications twice a day for 28 days (daily use), S. Pedro do Sul thermal water shows an increase skin hydration and improve skin relief while maintaining physiological pH values and cutaneous tallow [1].

The thermal water of S. Pedro do Sul also caused a statistically significant improvement in skin irritation, increasing the speed of recovery of the skin’s barrier function, probably due to the chemical characteristics of this thermal water, namely its anion content ( bicarbonate, chloride, fluoride, sulfate and carbonate) and the presence of trace elements boron, manganese and aluminum. In addition, its anti-irritant effect may be due to the fact that this thermal water has the ability to moisturize the skin. The observed anti-irritant effects may also be due to induction of immunomodulatory effects [1].
In summary, S. Pedro do Sul thermal water, according to the results obtained, is moisturizing and anti-irritant and can be used in the dermocosmetic area to moisturize the skin and in situations where its anti-irritant effect is desired. – Irritating, particularly in situations of sun erythema, diaper erythema, after shaving or other slight skin irritation, enhancing the natural protection of the skin. S. Pedro do Sul thermal water may also be useful as a component of moisturizing cosmetic products to aid its function and / or to increase its tolerance.

Recently this water also showed to have antimicrobial activity in a study conducted by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the University of Beira Interior and the University of Coimbra validating, in in vitro models, its preventive and therapeutic action in the dermocosmetic area [2].
Scientifically proven effectiveness (8 scientific publications):
• increases hydration (in vivo test)
• decreases roughness (in vivo test)
• antioxidant
• anti-irritant (in vivo test)
• improves skin barrier (in vivo test)

The natural mineral water of the S. Pedro do Sul Spa, the result of a balanced and unique mineral composition, rich in dissolved minerals and trace elements, is the key ingredient of the 1st Portuguese brand of thermal dermocosmetics, the AQVA – Termas de S. Pedro do South Dermocosmetics.
Of natural origin, its inclusion as an active ingredient in topical formulations is based on the previously proven beneficial skin-level properties, particularly the moisturizing, anti-irritant and recently antimicrobial activity.

The brand, with lines tailored to the skin needs of the Portuguese, has products for all skin types, formulated by health professionals, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and with proven effectiveness.

The thermal water, the choice of natural ingredients and soft fragrances, and packaging in neutral and functional packages are the essence of Aqva products, designed to bring the best of S. Pedro do Sul thermal water to you!

[1] – Ferreira, M. O., Costa, P. C. and Bahia, M. F. (2010), Effect of São Pedro do Sul thermal water on skin irritation. International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 32: 205-210. doi:10.1111/j.1468-2494.2010.00527.x
[2] – “Caraterização do Potencial Bioativo dos Recursos Hídricos Termais da Região Centro– “Estudo das propriedades terapêuticas das águas termais – dermocosmética”; Teresa Rosete; 12/2018

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