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Clinical Staff

Thermalism Therapeutic

The Spa of S. Pedro do Sul has a qualified medical staff, made up of experienced hydrologist doctors who follow the evolution of the respective clinical situation during the stay in the Baths.

Clinical Director

– Dr. António Manuel de Sousa Gomes


Clinical Staff

– Dra. Ana Paula Silva


– Dr. Borges Martins


– Dr. Carlos Paredes


– Dra. Joana Henriques


– Dra. Joana Silva


– Dr. Nelson Albuquerque


– Dr. Miguel Joana


– Dra. Inês Madanelo


– Dr. Tiago Sanches


– Dra. Lígia Martins


– Dra. Rita Teixeira


– Dra. Sofia Martins


– Dra. Ângela Pinho


– Dra. Lídia Sousa Gomes





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