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Clinical Staff

Thermalism Therapeutic

Termas de S. Pedro do Sul have a qualified medical staff, made up of experienced hydrologist doctors who follow the evolution of the respective clinical situation during the treatment period.

Diretor Clínico

Dr. António Manuel de Sousa Gomes


Corpo Clínico

Dra. Ana Paula Silva

Dr. Borges Martins

Dr. Carlos Paredes


Dra. Joana Henriques

Dra. Joana Silva

Dr. Nelson Albuquerque


Dr. Miguel Joana

Dra. Inês Madanelo

Dr. Tiago Sanches


Dra. Lígia Martins

Dra. Rita Teixeira

Dra. Sofia Martins

Dra. Ângela Pinho

Dra. Lídia Sousa Gomes


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