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What should I do to perform physiotherapy treatments??

Initially, you will have to schedule the consultation (in person, by e-mail or by phone call) with a Physician Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In the consultation the treatment plan is outlined. Afterwards, the treatments will be paid and marked according to the availability of the Service.


What is the validity of the medical consultation?

The consultation is valid for 90 days. During this period, you may conduct reassessment consultations free of charge, as necessary, according to availability in the medical agenda.


I can perform physiotherapy treatments simultaneously with thermal treatments?

Yes, as long as the specialist considers it appropriate to your clinical condition. In many cases, the combination of Physical Therapy with the thermal treatments allows to obtain better therapeutic results.


The thermal treatments are contraindicated for my clinical condition. I can do physiotherapy treatments.?

Yes, Physical Therapy is usually an excellent alternative in these cases. In addition, in Physiotherapy you can also perform Hydrotherapy treatments (pool) with non-thermal water.


I need some specific equipment to perform physiotherapy treatments?

It should be in practical clothes and easy to undress / wear. It is advisable not to bring watches, jewelry and other props. In the case of hydrotherapy treatments, they must necessarily use bathing suit and cap.
If you have any special needs, you will be advised when the treatments are scheduled..


There are minimum / maximum number of physiotherapy treatments to be performed?

No. The number and type of treatments to be performed is determined at the doctor’s office. However, a minimum period of two weeks is advisable..


How the contributions / payments work (ADSE, ADM, Health Insurance, etc.)?

The Physiotherapy Service has no agreements with any entity. Therefore, the user must always make full payment of the treatments, and must then send all documentation (medical documentation, invoices and receipts) to the responsible entity to request a refund.

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