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Thermalism Therapeutic


What does it take to go to a spa?

Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable to inform your family doctor so that he / she can attest to the need to perform the thermal treatments (and thus be able to benefit from the National Health Service, if applicable, if you are a beneficiary of another subsystem health care provider must first inform them). If you have recent medical examinations, you should bring them to be analyzed by one of our doctors, at the medical consultation that precedes the treatments.



Am I required to go to a medical appointment?

If you are going to have a thermal cure (the recommended duration for a thermal cure is 14 to 21 days of treatment, although it can be adjusted), it is mandatory to have a medical consultation by one of our hydrologist doctors. The medical prescription is valid throughout the calendar year, and it can be used to perform more than a thermal cure.



From what age can do spa?

As a rule, from the age of 5 it is possible for a child to do thermal treatments, if he or she collaborates so that they can be performed in an effective way.



Do the spas have their own accommodation?

No, the S. Pedro do Sul thermal baths only manage thermal spas. For information about the accommodations available in the immediate vicinity of the resorts, please contact the Tourist Office.



Since there are two spas, which one should I choose?

The choice of building is always at the discretion of the user. However, it may be conditioned by the service sought. This is the case of physiotherapy, which works exclusively in the D. Afonso Henriques Spa and thermal well-being, whose services are concentrated in the Rainha D. Amélia Spa. In the case of therapeutic thermalism, both resorts respond, being that they vary only in facilities and prices. However, you will only have to opt for one of the spas at the time of purchase of the treatments. Each treatment has a price defined according to the spa and the season chosen for its accomplishment;



Do I need any special equipment to do the treatments?

In order to carry out the thermal treatments it is compulsory to use a bathing suit and cap (except respiratory treatments). In order to perform airway treatments, it is necessary to purchase an individual kit with the respective equipment and that will serve, if there are no changes in the prescribed treatments, for other times.



TCan all people get a spa?

Except for some health conditions mentioned in the contraindications, in general all people can do thermal treatments. However, the final decision will always be the hydrologist doctor who, in the previous medical consultation, will analyze case by case.



If I have a health problem during my stay at the Spa, what should I do?

During the operation of the hot springs, a doctor will be available who will be called to provide assistance, at no cost to all users of the Spa of S. Pedro do Sul who have some health intercurrence during their stay in the bathhouses.
With regard to the thermal cure, you can benefit, free of charge, from 2 further follow-up visits, in the same calendar year, as long as they relate to the prescribed thermal treatments;



Do thermal treatments require some kind of special care?

During its thermal cure, and in order not to prevent the benefit of the treatments, it should respect the following recommendations:
– make a careful diet and avoid the intake of cold drinks;
– keeping warm and avoiding thermal shocks, as well as avoiding violent physical exertion
– do not contact directly with very cold waters
– avoid sea, river and swimming pools after finishing treatments (wait at least 1 month)



What is the best time of year to do the treatments?

Since chronic diseases can be treated at any time of the year, this depends only on the availability of each user (the Termas de S. Pedro do Sul are open all year round).



There are some activities for the thermalists to do when they are not in treatment?

Yes, the S. Pedro do Sul Spa has a monthly entertainment program with thermal spa, and the general public, with leisure activities and daily relaxation, which include varied recreational, cultural and sporting situations that are divided by the various parts of the day, so as to fill the dead spaces of the stay.


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