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Thermal Wellness

The wellness service of Termas de S. Pedro do Sul is essentially for relaxation, for those who are passing through, for a weekend or for a holiday and intend to have an experience in the thermal spa, enjoying simultaneously the unique characteristics of the thermal water.

The “AQVA Institute”, located in the Balneário Rainha D. Amélia, provides visitors with new concepts of relaxation and exclusive services, favoring the use of the AQVA dermocosmetic products. Come to know and let yourself be invigorated with the different offers, where the secret is just one … the thermal water.

It is not necessary to go to a medical consultation, but it is necessary to ensure that the client does not present any health condition that prevents the use of these services (see contraindications to therapeutic thermalism).


Know all of our products

Know all of our products


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