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Thermal Cure

Thermalism Therapeutic

The Thermal Healing is one of the oldest and most proven therapeutic treatments, based on the use of the natural properties of thermal waters to relieve pain and treat chronic affections. It is a treatment recognized since 1986 by the World Health Organization.

The main benefits of a thermal cure result from a significant decrease in pain, a clear improvement in mobility, a decrease in drug consumption and, consequently, the attainment of confidence and autonomy.

These benefits extend over several months, proof of the effectiveness of the thermal medicine. To prolong and consolidate them, a growing number of thermal baths repeat, once or twice a year, their thermal cure.



To start a thermal cure in the Spa of S. Pedro do Sul it is mandatory to have a consultation with one of our hydrologist doctors who, according to the history of each spa, will prescribe the most appropriate thermal treatments (if you have recent medical exams , related to the reason for coming, should bring them to be analyzed).

The recommended duration of a thermal cure is 14 to 21 consecutive days of treatment. However, the duration can be adapted to the availability of the spa.

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