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Junior Thermalism

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More and more children and adolescents attend Termas de S. Pedro do Sul to solve problems related to respiratory airways.

In order to provide a comfortable and even playful stay for all the children there are several initiatives and services specially aimed at the younger ones: a treatment room specially designed, with personalized accompaniment and two heroes, Afonsinho and Amelinha, who seek to develop ties of affection with the children, integrating them in the thermal programs and explaining them, through the most diverse supports, the ecological and natural component of the Thermal Cures.

Usually, from the age of 5 on it is possible for a child to do thermal treatments to the respiratory tract, if they collaborate so that they can be performed in an effective way. Treatments directed to musculoskeletal diseases are usually only started in adulthood, however, the particular situations should be evaluated in the medical consultation.


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