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In the heart of the Spa of S. Pedro do Sul, an urban center of corporate hospitality is born, taking advantage of the potential of generating value from the thermal waters, combining well-being, health and leisure with innovation and entrepreneurship. To welcome entrepreneurial projects, promote innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and value creation around the already scientifically proven benefits of S. Pedro do Sul thermal water, are some of the main objectives of the Pole of Creativity, Cosmetics and Well- Being – S. Pedro do Sul. Its mission is based on the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge determinant for the establishment of pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, clinics and service providers in the area of ​​aesthetics, physical recovery, health promotion and prevention of the disease. The project, which also invests in the research and development of thermal water, in its properties and clinical applications, also aims to revitalize and streamline the Spa of S. Pedro do Sul and promote the attractiveness and notoriety of the area. Discover the strengths of this strategic project, integrated and synergistic, with unique features.



This center is dedicated to start-ups and research and development units that maximize the potential of the natural resources of the S. Pedro do Sul region. The center also has a laboratory – a microbiology laboratory and a slope development and monitoring of product, for specific use of the promoters who want to install here.



AResearch and Development in clinical terms or techniques and products associated with beauty, health and well-being are an essential component of the statement of the Termas de S. Pedro do Sul destination as an innovative, endowed with the best technologies and the most renowned technicians, physicians and researchers. In the Pole will be available conditions for the fixation of small and medium research units that will have three axes of action:

  • Cosmetic Axis: that will act in the development of cosmetic products with thermal water S. Pedro do Sul;
  • Axis of Clinical Investigation: that will seek to carry out fundamental research studies and clinical evidence of the therapeutic properties of S. Pedro do Sul thermal water.
  • Rehabilitation and Wellness Axis: that will act in the development of new services of Health, Beauty and Welfare, namely in the development of new techniques of physical rehabilitation (physiotherapy) and wellness treatments (aesthetics) taking advantage of the thermal water of S. Pedro do Sul and the cosmetic products to be developed.



Teaching visits are organized mainly for children and young people from schools all over the country. They will include the presentation of a 3D video on the properties of the thermal water; carrying out activities in the didactic laboratory, such as thermal water quality control and preparation of cosmetic products, visits to the microbiology laboratory and the development and monitoring laboratory of products and a visit to the museum and thermal spas.

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