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Parkinson’s disease, like Parkinson’s Syndromes, is a chronic disease that primarily affects motor function and for which there are various therapies available.

Walk, postural instability, stiffness, respiratory dynamics and pain are some of the main areas where a Thermal Rehabilitation program plays a prominent role. To combine a specific rehabilitation plan with the medicinal properties of the thermal waters is to enhance the gains of both valences in improving the physical, cognitive and well-being of these users.


Personalized plan by the doctor, according to the specificities of each user.

Treatment divided into two parts throughout the day, with individual monitoring by qualified physiotherapists:

  • Gym context training (45 – 60 mins)
  • Thermal pool context training (30 mins)

Complement with thermotherapy (parafango) and manual massage techniques.

Specific classes of cognitive stimulation and leisure.


Board games, traditional games, hiking, theatre, dance, boxing, laughter yoga, cinema, group gymnastics, workshops and cultural visits.

Termas de S. Pedro do Sul Spa combine the ancient and curative thermal water with the most updated and efficient rehabilitation techniques in physiotherapy.


  • Reduce stiffness, spasms and pain
  • Increase range and speed of movement and improve coordination and manual dexterity
  • Improve posture, balance and gait pattern
  • Increase overall muscle strength
  • Physical reconditioning on exertion
  • Improve respiratory dynamics
  • Teaching techniques and strategies for reducing falls
  • Improve cognitive abilities
  • Optimize independence in activities of daily living
  • Improve the life quality


O plano decorre e progride ao longo de 10 dias (segunda a sexta-feira).

The plan runs and progresses over 10 days (Monday to Friday).
At weekends, the patient does not carry out an individualized motor rehabilitation plan in order to minimize physical overload, integrating only the specific classes of cognitive stimulation and leisure.
Estimated total value of the program:
580 € *, including treatments and medical consultation for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
* This value may be adjusted upon prescription by the physiatrist.

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